Are You Risking Your Life: Can Ketosis Lead to Ketoacidosis When on a Ketogenic Diet?

Everywhere you go these days, you hear about ketogenic diets. They’re being used to help moderate epilepsy, reduce the risk of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, depression, headaches, autism and even cancer(1). The diet is being used in more than 40 countries worldwide.(2) In day to day conversation, ketosis is hailed as one of […]

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What is KetoLogic?

When you opt for a meal replacement plan on the keto diet, you need only go for the best one. This ensures your safety and success in the weight loss program. KetoLogic reviews indicate that this supplement can really help enhance ketosis. About KetoLogic KetoLogic is a US based brand that offers two main weight […]

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