Enhance Your Physical and Mental Wellness with Nature’s Way MCT Oil

Finding an MCT Oil which is potent and pure can be quite a task when there are so many options to select from. This Nature’s Way MCT Oil Review will guide you about the selection process of an oil of the sort.

Containing medium chain triglycerides, this oil is suitable for use on an everyday basis as a dietary supplement or specifically for gym-related benefits. (1)


Our Review of Nature’s Way MCT Oil: 

Nature’s Way MCT Oil is a dietary supplement that is extracted from coconuts and is a natural and pure source of MCTs. This product helps the body produce energy and is suitable for anyone looking to take part in regular physical activity.

The oil may be used as a daily source of healthy fats which boost metabolism, and help stimulate weight loss. Nature’s Way MCT Oil Review shows that the oil compensates for the lack of useful fatty acids in our daily diet.

As an added perk, the oil may also be used in association with a diet routine such as the Paleo Diet or Keto Diet. Since both these diets focus on substituting daily carbs with healthy fats, Nature’s Way MCT Oil might be a good choice for people following these diets.


Nutrient Information:

Each serving of the Nature’s Way MCT Oil is one tablespoon. If you want to be more precise you can measure out 15ml of the oil and take it in one serving.

  • Each serving contains 130 calories
  • The total fat count for each serving is 14 grams
  • Of the total fat count, there are 13 grams of  saturated fats and less than 0.5 grams of polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats
  • There is no cholesterol in the oil
  • Of the total fat count, there is 7.7 grams of Caprylic acid
  • The are 5 grams of Capric acid in each serving


The Good:
  • Potent source of MCTs
  • Is extracted from coconuts (a rich MCT source)
  • Compatible with Paleo Diet
  • Can be coupled with a keto diet plan
  • No genetically modified ingredients added
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Can be used by gluten intolerant individuals
The Bad:
  • Is only available online
  • May cause discomfort on first usage

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Customer Reviews,

Nature’s Way MCT Oil Reviews show that customers have mixed reviews about the oil. While some are quite content with the oil, others have some concerns about the constitution of the oil and type of MCTs present in it.

Most are happy with the tasteless, odorless composition of this oil, with some concerns voiced over initial digestive discomfort.

It has been easier for customers to use the oil in foods like coffee, shakes and other beverages.

Many have also found it to be a product that delivers results as advertised in terms of weight loss benefits.

Along with weight loss benefits, users have also reported experiencing improved physical and mental awareness.

The price of the product is also a point of praise among customers who feel that they ae getting a decent product at this price.


Benefits of Nature’s Way MCT Oil:

Nature’s Way MCT Oil Review has revealed many benefits of the oil. First of all, the oil is 100% pure and natural. The source of MCTs used in the oil is coconuts, which is a superior source than palm oils.

Secondly, the oil is suitable for use with the Paleo and keto diets. Both these dieting patterns advocate the use of healthy fats over carbs which means using MCTs can compensate well for the user’s energy needs.

Plus, the oil is also helpful in terms of weight loss. It ensures the availability of a rich energy source in the body which acts as a substitute to carbohydrates. Fats release more energy as compared to carbohydrates. (2)

According to Nature’s Way MCT Oil Review, usage of this oil makes the user feel full. As a result of this fullness, cravings are reduced in magnitude and frequency leading to ultimate weight loss.

Now you might be wondering if this is one of those supplements that can only be used by a particular group of people.

To answer your question, no. This is not a supplement of that kind and has universal appeal for a wider audience. First off, it has been certified to be vegetarian which is great news for strict vegetarians who can also use this source of healthy fat.

Along with that, the oil is also suitable for people who are intolerant to gluten. Gluten allergy is quite common and it often hinders users from benefiting from a product. (3)

However, Nature’s Way MCT Oil is a gluten free product and safe to use for those with wheat allergies or similar sensitivities.

And to add to the benefits, the oil contains no ingredients that are genetically modified. Strict supervision and control is practiced during the manufacturing of this oil to ensure that all the ingredients are totally natural.

One thing to watch out for in such products are natural ingredients which are ‘fillers’ in nature. An example of this is palm oils often used in similar products. However, Nature’s Way MCT Oil Review indicates that there are no such filler oils in this particular product.

Most MCT oils have a certain taste to them which can make the user feel discomfort. Not everyone can take the taste and that is why the manufacturers of this oil have kept the product tasteless. As there is no flavor, you can consume the oil every day as is or add it to your recipes.

And to make things super easy for you, you can store the oil anywhere with no need for refrigeration.

Nature’s Way MCT Oil Review vs Other MCT Oils

Nature’s Way MCT Oil Review shows that the oil shares some similar features to other competitor products. However, in other aspects, it is quite different.

One major difference between Nature’s way MCT Oil and some others is the specificity for usage. Some other oils specifically aim at increasing lean muscle mass and making the body more muscular. Nature’s way, on the other hand is most helpful for people who work out daily and are building up their body.

Along with the oil form, MCTs are also available as powders or soft gels for convenience of use. Here is a quick comparison of some of these products:


MCT OilsFeatures
Sports Research Premium MCT Oil
  • Healthy fats promote ketosis
  • Keeps the body fit and healthy
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Is extracted from pure MCT sources
  • Has been certifies by a third party
  • Vegan friendly
  • Compatible with a Paleo Diet
Premium MCT Oil
  • Gives you more energy
  • Keeps your mental focus in check
  • Aids in mental clarity
  • Friendly for keto diet followers
  • Helps you focus better
  • Decreases inflammation in the body
Perfect Keto MCT Powder
  • Does not need any mixing or blending
  • Adds healthy fats to daily life
  • Can be used in the morning as breakfast
  • No oily reside is present
  • Odorless
Perfect Keto C8 MCT Oil
  • Can be used before or after exercise
  • Is good for mental as well as physical health
  • Can be added to snacks and daily meals
  • Aids in hormonal regulation in the body
  • Keeps the physical activity in check
  • Boosts performance at the gym
Bio Schwartz MCT Oil soft gels
  • GMO and gluten free product
  • Cold pressed, unrefined without any fillers or flavors
  • Weight loss and dietary benefits
  • Additional source of energy
  • Purified oil without the use of solvents
  • Tested and approved by 3rd party


#1. How can I use this oil?

For most convenience, you can just take it as is. Measure the mentioned ml in a teaspoon and drink it like that. You can also add it to your morning coffee to stay focused and alert throughout the day.


#2. Is this oil just like the coconut oil we get from the market?

Actually, no. This oil is quite different from the one you buy from the market. Regular coconut oil is used for cooking and tends to solidify after some time. Nature’s Way MCT oil does not solidify and stays in liquid state.

Plus, there is no flavor in the oil so you would not feel the taste when using. It does, however, offer the same benefits as raw coconuts.


#3. How long will the oil stay liquid for?

It will stay liquid for quite a long while. You can keep it on your kitchen counter and it will stay liquid. There is no need to keep it refrigerated even if you live in extreme temperatures.


#4. Where can I buy Nature’s Way MCT Oil?

The oil is available on Amazon for purchase. If you are a student, you can get 50% off on Amazon Prime.


#5. Is it okay if I start with the given serving size?

The suggested serving size is given at 1 teaspoon for first time users. However, due to the possibility of digestive discomfort, it is recommended that you start with a smaller dose and gradually work your way up as your body needs to adapt to this change in dietary nutrients.

Instead, start with half a tablespoon or lesser for the first time. Slowly increase the amount you use every day until your body starts to accept the single serving size.


#6. Why does it upset the stomach?

Your body is used to processing carbs for energy. When you start taking this oil, it takes the body into the state of ketosis where the body starts to use fats for energy instead. (3)

A sudden shift from one type of energy source to another can cause stomach problems. This is why you should make your way up to the single serving size so that your body has ample time to adjust to the new routine.

Final Verdict

For someone who is looking for an MCT oil available at a decent price and delivers all the benefits, this oil might be a good choice. It is free of harmful additives and contains MCTs from the most potent and pure sources.

Containing Caprylic and Capric acids, this oil is rich in useful fatty acids that play a role in weight loss, mental clarity, increasing focus and keeping you energized throughout the day. As such, Nature’s Way MCT Oil Review has shown that this oil is a decent choice for daily use as well as for someone who wants an oil to go with their keto or Paleo diets.


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  • Jenny says:

    I used it in my coffee and before I finished my coffee I noticed a tingle feeling in my mind is that normal ? Sorry but I did could it just be I was thinking about so it happened or did it really just happened ? Is that a normal effect ?

    • Hieu Hieu says:

      The tingling sensation can occur if you are following the keto diet strictly. There might have been a sudden rise in your energy level which caused the weird sensation. It is often normal. However, it can also be a sign of other existing disorder like hypertension and diabetes. Hence, it is advisable to seek an advice of a physician especially if the symptom persists.

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