KetoSports KetoCaNa Review: The Truth About Ketones And Weight Loss!

The ketogenic diet is often accompanied by supplements that promise to aid the process of ketosis along with gaining other benefits. Some of these can include experiencing more energy, less fatigue and enhanced mental performance.

But not every supplement designed to do so delivers. So here we will take a look a detailed KetoCaNa review, an established keto supplement and see how it measures on the scale.


KetoSports KetoCana Review – What You NEED to Know About it?

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Keto Sports KetoCaNa is a ketone based supplement containing an optimum calorie content, ensuring that a day’s dose optimizes the body with all the required calories.(1)

KetoCaNa is designed to boost the process of ketosis in the body. The brand claims to provide the fastest ketosis compared to any other dietary supplement in the market.

As per the claims, it is natural and comes with no side effects in the package. The key ingredient of this supplement is Beta Hydroxybutyrate, but what truly sets this supplement apart is the combination of calcium salts and sodium in it which makes digestion easier. Compared to magnesium and potassium, sodium salts have been proven to show faster results and are easy to breakdown by the liver. This gives KetoCaNa a strong edge against other competing products in the market.


The Other Ingredients KetoCaNa Includes Are:

  • Citric Acid: Essential to increase appetite and inhibit ketosis. It is a natural ingredient that is currently found only in limited products.
  • Stevia: An extract from rebaudiana plant to add sweetening flavor to the supplement
  • Natural Flavors


How Does it Work?

Ketones are the key element of KetoCaNa supplements.  The ketogenic diet solely depends on ketones as a source of energy for the body. The rule of the ketogenic diet is simple; reduce the number of carbohydrates and increase the percentage of fats. Ketosis is a shift of glucose based energy to fat based energy. Glucose based energy has a shorter life and requires a larger intake compared to fat based energy that lasts longer, breaks down fast and is easy to digest.

Ketone based energy is also easier for the liver to breakdown, lasts longer and is more effective in weight loss than other diet plans. Ketones are fuel for the muscles and brain, and similarly, the KetoCaNa supplement powder with the use of sodium and calcium beta-hydroxybutrate makes absorption easier while providing long lasting energy.

If consumed prior to workouts or sports activities, it reduces the need for oxygen in the body. The supplement contains fat based energy that ensures a decreased demand of oxygen by the body during workout.  It also prevents glycogen depletion during workout, ensuring a faster recovery from strenuous activities. Because energy is channelized through fat, it naturally reduces the fat depositaries that help lose weight.(2)

KetoCaNa effects are obvious and apparent physically, but other than its ability to help you lose weight it also has cognitive benefits. KetoCaNa increases mental performance. It enhances mood, increases focus and prevents fatigue which are a few side effects of dieting and diet change. Regardless of the fact that dedication is still required, KetoCaNa serves as a great support.

It is a convenient-to-use powder based supplement that can be consumed on daily basis.


What are The Benefits of KetoCaNa?

The key benefit of KetoCaNa is its ability to provide energy during strenuous workouts. Without having to add extra calories to your diet, you can drive more energy. The limited calorie intake ensures that you hit your weight loss goal with workouts, without losing oxygen or energy. KetoCaNa is a natural source of energy which empowers the muscles and the brain without any side effects.

Other than that, it does not contain any extra ingredients usually found in most other powdered supplements. KetoCaNa has the ability to promote easy adaptation to the ketogenic state. As the body starts to positively respond to the Ketogenic diet, it is able to fight fatigue and increase its metabolic process. KetoCaNa also claims to be one of the leading ketone supplement brands in the market, paying close attention to manufacturing a superior quality product. Some key qualities of the KetoCaNa supplement are:


  1. Lactose free

  2. Keto Friendly

  3. Paleo Friendly

  4. Animal by-product free

  5. No artificial colors

  6. Gluten free

  7. No flavorings

  8. No preservatives


The Good:
  • Boost the energy level of the body
  • Comes without sugar or carbohydrates
  • Uses calcium and sodium salts to aid digestion
  • All natural, no preservatives or gluten
  • Maintains oxygen level during workouts
  • Same results with no extra calories compared to other products
  • Higher level of BHB than other products
The Bad:
  • The taste may not be for everyone
  • Does not work alone
  • May make some users nauseous

Here is what the customers have been saying about this product on retail sites of KetoCana.


 “ I have become a fan of this product. It has really helped me get into ketosis. I was using this product early morning for an energy boost. The only bad thing about the product is the bad taste and that its expensive”



I have tried using some cheap solutions to ketosis but was unable to turn by urine sticks purple. KetoCana has always worked without failure, regardless that it is a little expensive. If you are on a ketogenic diet, searching for ketones before workout then this is the right product. It is barely drinkable but works well”


Thomas J King

“I like fasting KetoCana gives me a good level of energy during fasting. It suppresses appetite and overall has a longer period of energy.  Moreover, it is all natural. Try the product to see what I am talking about”

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What are The Key Features?

1. Increases Ketones

The basic purpose of KetoCaNa is to make ketosis easier. It is a wholesome, low calorie approach to ketosis. It aims to increase ketones in the body while reducing the carbohydrate and sugar content in the body.

2. Energy to The Muscles

It generates energy for the muscles and brain. Ketones channel energy from the protein, carbs and most importantly fat. It takes energy from the fat, breaks it down into an easy to absorb source of energy without having to increase the intake of protein.

3. Improves Mental Capacity

Unlike other diet supplements, KetoCaNa is an aid for the brain as well. It increases both cognitive performance and mental capacity.

4. Increases Oxygen

During exercise, the depletion of oxygen leads to the fatigue and lag during performance. KetoCaNa maintains the oxygen levels for a prolonged period to ensure better performance and endurance. It reduces the depletion of glycogen, and reduces the depositories of fat in the body which makes it look leaner.

5. Effective Ingredients

The supplement is a combination of natural energy sources. With BHB and calcium and sodium salts, it provides the body with natural ketones. There are no harmful side effects. This product aids digestion and easy absorption. (2)


Tabular Comparison KetoCaNa, Keto OS vs KetoForce

Here is how KetoCaNa weighs against some of the competition:



(See More Details Here)

OS Keto

(See More Detail Here)

  • Comes in powdered form

  • Uses BHBs

  • Contains Calcium

  • Flavored product

  • Sweetened with stevia

  • Gluten free

  • Dairy free

  • Caffeine free

  • Comes in liquid form

  • Uses BHBs

  • Contains Potassium salts

  • No artificial sweeteners

  • Unsweetened and unflavored

  • Gluten free

  • Lactose free

  • Caffeine free

  • Comes in powdered form

  • Uses a blend of BHBs and MCT powder

  • Contains sugar to enhance flavor

  • Contains caffeine in OS Keto Charged

  • Gluten free

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Of the three, KetoForce and KetoCaNa are both produced by KetoSports. In terms of usage between KetoCana vs KetoForce, the former is available as powdered which means it needs to be mixed in with some kind of liquid, but the latter available in liquid form may be easier to use for some people.

When comparing KetoCaNa vs OS Keto, the former uses only BHBs as its primary ingredient but the latter brand pairs it up with MCT powder for a double boost of efficiency.


How Dose It Tastes?

Well, there is one unfortunate fact about the KetoCaNa supplement. To start with there is only one flavor available, which is natural orange. The blend of powder and water may seem like it tastes like orange juice, and that is truly how it is advertised, but many consumers feel that it really does not.

The forceful orange juice taste has an unpleasant aftertaste. For some people the taste may even cause nausea. Another setback of the supplement is that it comes in the form of a powder blend, and drinking a glass of unpleasant liquid becomes more difficult than chewing tablets.

Amazon KetoCaNa reviews also give you a similar feedback on the taste. For those who are passionate about ketosis would require a few sittings before they are able to finally drink the product on daily basis. Others may give up, solely because of the taste.

A few customer reviews suggest consuming it by mixing it in fresh juice to make the taste more tolerable. But with the cost customers pay, the flavor could have had been improved. Or to the least, there should have been no flavor in the first place.


What are The Possible Ketocana Side Effects?

1. The unpleasant flavor comes first in the list of potential side effect.

The reason why bad taste has been stated as a side effect is because many people feel nauseous and sick and after consuming bad tasting food.

2. Other complaints followed by a bad taste is an upset stomach, bloating and indigestion.

It is important to note here that the body takes a while to adapt ketosis, and the side effects are a result of bodily changes to which some people may be more sensitive to.

3. Another side effect that is commonly noted is diarrhea throughout the intake.

Although some people have reported only mild diarrhea, some others have stated that it led to weeks of diarrhea followed by mild temperature and stomach pains.

Overall there are no serious harmful side effects that may limit you from using these supplements.


What’s The Best Way to Take it – How To Use Ketocana?

When committing yourself to a diet supplement it is important to understand the combination of food required with it. Yes, the supplement gives you a good dose of healthy calories but it is not going to give you desirable results if you do not follow the ketosis guidelines otherwise. Ketosis means you stick to low levels of sugar and carbohydrates and higher levels of fat with moderate amount of protein.

The recommended foods with KetoCaNa weight loss process are:

Where Can I Buy Ketosports Ketocana?

KetoCaNa is available on multiple online retail stores, including Amazon. Although it is available on multiple platforms, it is recommended to purchase it from the best retailers online to ensure the best quality and sealed product. The absence of artificial flavors is the key aspect of this product, which is why it is best to ensure that you buy the original product.

Now the main part for which you have read the entire article, wondering whether or not the product is even recommended for use. Well, the bottom line of the review is that KetoCaNa is an all-natural preservative free powder supplement. Depending on how you purchase it, the product gives you no severe side effects and is approved for safe use.

The formula may not be the best tasting one, and that we have established through experiment and reviews. However, the goal of consuming the supplements remains consistent. If you are truly passionate about shedding the excess pounds, and believe in the science of ketosis, then this product is right for you.

The brand has established itself as one of the strongest in the market when it comes to ingredients and key features. There are no animal by products, no extra harmful ingredients, no sugar and flavoring. It is an all-natural product with a high content of BHBs.

It is truly hoped that the company would one day improve the taste, for it pushes many away from a good product that could actually help lose some weight. Summing up the KetoCaNa review, if you can bear the taste- then go for it.


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