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How Do Ketones Work in the Body: Four Scientifically-backed Facts Answering This Question and Using These Hacks to Kick Up Your Ketosis Superpowers!!!

How do ketones work in the body? You don’t have to understand ketosis to benefit from it. With ketosis, weight loss happens in all the right areas—including reducing the hard-to-eliminate visceral fat. It’s easier to manage blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. Ketosis is even therapeutic for some brain disorders.(1) However, if you want to […]

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Almond and Chocolate Pie – A Healthy Pie That Will Please Everyone, Even The Most Greedy !!

This almond crust is easy to prepare and much tastier than traditional pies. In addition, the ingredients contain important nutrients: the almond brings the creamy flavor of unsaturated and healthy fats, and also provides a pleasant texture. The coconut milk that we used for this creamy chocolate mousse is very rich in iron, potassium and […]

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