Top Rated MCT Oil Brands Review: Which One is The Best on the Market To Buy?

Hey, all you beautiful weight watchers out there!

Have you hopped on board and truly embraced a keto diet for weight loss and still trying to figure out how to provide your body with all the essential nutrients in a low-carb diet without cheating?

If you are looking for the perfect oil to complement your keto diet, then fear not!

We’ve done the legwork and have compiled the best MCT oils available on the market. In this review, you’ll learn exactly what to look for when choosing a keto oil. You can simply trash your all boiled diet and can come back to the land of taste and texture.

What are MCT oils?

MCT oils get their name mostly from their compositional makeup and structure of their carbon content. It is made up of a shorter carbon chain, making it easier for your body to absorb, breakdown and produce energy. MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride. (1)

MCT might leave you scowling at the thought of it being chemically produced in a factory and manufactured using artificial supplements.

Well, you’re right and wrong, but it’s fine, let us explain.

Yes MCT Oils are manufactured artificially (more like extracted, refined and bottled), but it is already present in abundance naturally in nature! (2)


A new diet does not always mean that you have to supplement your regular food intake with artificial products.

During this review, we’ll discuss the MCT Oils or medium-chain-triglycerides that are currently trending in the world of healthy oils. (3)

Caution first.

Not all MCT oils are created equal. They may all promise the same thing, but there are different forms of MCT oils with some believed to be more effective than others.

So before you get lost in the aisle of MCT oils, let us help you to nab the right one right off the bat with this review on best MCT oils.

Our Reviews of the Best MCT Oil Supplement on the Market

#1. Best Organic Coconut Oil By Bio Schwartz

This MCT formula is an extra virgin coconut oil in an easy-to-swallow capsule form that is non-GMO and is a natural product approved for all diet types. With an ideal amount of MCT oil sourced from organic coconuts, it is considered one of the best MCT oils for ketosis.

The oil is cold-pressed, unrefined and contains no fillers or flavors. It can easily vie for the top spot as the best organic MCT oil available and with good reason too.

The brand features oil of the highest grade available and offers protective features for the skin, hair, nail, and bones beside other dietary benefits.

Pop one in the early morning or before you hit the bed to keep your daily oil-derived nutrition handy.

Including it in the diet can provide you with an additional source of energy.

To add to its list of beneficial features, the oil is purified without the use of solvents. Each batch is tested and approved by a 3rd party organisation for purity and potency.

All Bio Schwartz products are proudly made in the USA, observing strict safety and quality guidelines. The product comes in a convenient pack of 120 soft gels to be used as a dietary supplement.

It is highly popular with the customers because not only it helped them with losing weight, but also restored bone joint health and cured digestive problems. A few of them even refer to it as a ‘miracle pill.’

The Good:
  • Non gluten and GMO product
  • No solvents, flavors or fillers added
  • Enhances performances
  • Supports metabolism and weight management
The Bad:
  • N/A

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#2. Premium MCT Oil by Sports Research

Boost up your brain and body by using a product that delivers. This MTC contains 100% coconut oil without the addition of palm oil and is certified by the GMO project as Paleo, Keto, and Vegan-friendly. (4)

MCT oils can promote a healthy digestive system with the rich amounts of antiviral, antimicrobial, and anti-bacterial properties these types of oils have. (5)

It comes in liquid form and can be mixed with just about anything. From your morning cup of coffee to your dinner soup or salad, this MCT oil is capable of making multiple appearances. Also, this product is flavorless and odorless.

MCTS reduce bad bacteria without affecting the good ones that keep your intestines functioning optimally. Premium MCT oil claims to convert into energy faster than standard oils, which does not compromise on cholesterol health while at the same time enhances metabolism. (6)

This makes Premium MCT oil an ideal candidate for the best MCT oil for weight loss as it is also recommended for athletes with weight management goals.

The product comes in an ample sized 32 oz. bottle and though it might look overpriced at first glance, it is a pocket-friendly. You can use directly through oral consumption starting a regimen with the MCT oil intake, taking one tablespoon is recommended in the beginning. As your body adjusts, you can take it max to 3 tablespoons.

The Good:
  • Organic
  • 100% coconut oil
  • No odor, solvents or flavors
  • Average high rating by more than 1500 customers
  • No gluten or GMO.
  • Contains healthy fats that improve weight management
The Bad:
  • Is more expensive compared to other products
  • Unleashes diarrhea if not introduced in diet in proper dosage

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#3. Mickey T™ Eight™ aka Best C8 MCT Oil

This MCT formula is recommended as an alternative source of energy. It helps support metabolism, improves cognitive function and mental focus. What an incredible trifecta! Experience real gains from a  real MCT oil. (7)

If you have any issues about using MCTs in forms other than oil, then this product is for you. Extracted from pure coconut oil and or palm kernel oil (sustainably sourced), the product is available as pure oil and neither is a blend nor a pill.

Mickey T™ Eight™ MCT oil is available as a super light oil which is tasteless, odorless and colorless offering only 93 calories per tablespoon.

It is a 100% non-GMO, Kosher and Halal certified product to use as a dietary supplement. You can even make it part of your intermittent fasting plan if you wish. Talk about having multiple uses! Did you know this stuff already?

If you’re looking for a competitive bargain, then you’ve found the right oil. Mickey T8 is priced low when compared to its competitors of the same pure-C8 MCT oil category. Mickey T8 contains 60% C8 and 40% C10 (yes! No lauric acid) and can be easily combined with drinks and meals. The product is available in a 32 oz. BPA-free plastic bottle. (8)

And guess what? The manufacturer himself sends you a personalized note on the usage before delivery of the product. Moreover, if you have any question, he is personally available to dispel any doubt. That is some super customer service right there!

The Good:
  • Gluten and flavor free
  • 100% coconut oil and/or palm kernel oil (RSPO certified)
  • Customer satisfaction with an average high rating
The Bad:
  • N/A

Price Available Here

#4. All Natural Coconut MCT Oil

This MCT formula is recommended for an alternative source of energy especially if you have an active lifestyle. It helps support a healthy metabolism, encourages strong gut health, and improves cognitive function along with aiding in mental focus. (9)

Extracted from pure coconut oil, the brand claims that it can provide energy without giving jitters and headaches caused by sugar or caffeine.

It consists of 4.5 g capric acid (C 10) and 9.2 g caprylic acid (C 8) per serving and comes with no flavors or solvents. Combining this MCT oil with drinks and meals is easy. (10)

The product can be combined with a pre-post diet regime and is ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It is available as a 32 oz. bottle.

The Good:
  • Gluten and flavor free
  • Contains a good amount of caprylic acid
  • 100% coconut oil
  • Customer satisfaction with an average high rating
The Bad:
  • Gives no GMO claims

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#5. Now MCT 100% Oil Review

‘Now Sports’ is a very trusted company and this MCT oil is a pure non-GMO, gluten vegetarian oil that is considered as one of the best MCT oils for weight loss by regular users. If you’re looking for a reputable brand that backs their product, then we are glad you’ve found ‘Now Sports.’

The oil is derived from coconut/palm kernel with an ability to slash appetite and keep hunger pangs at bay. The oil is just 14 g of fat per serving with no carbs or protein and a perfect combo for keto.

One feature that makes this oil very popular is its thin consistency. This makes Now Sports MCT oil easily usable in salad dressings, smoothies, many homemade recipes, and is even a favorite additive in coffee!

The glass bottle packaging makes it a great BPA free option and makes this product suitable for storage in a cool, dry and dark environment. You can also store the product in the refrigerator or slightly lower than room temperature.

Hitting the mid-range price mark, this product is available in a 32 oz. bottle and contains roughly 63 servings with 100 calories per serving.

The Good:
  • Cuts appetite
  • Ideal for weight loss
  • Cost effective
The Bad:
  • May cause some minor gastric issues
  • Some people may experience an adjustment period before finding the right dose

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#6. Left Coast Performance Coconut MCT oil

For people with a sensitive stomach, MCT oil by Left Coast Performance is an ideal choice. This product is designed in accordance with promoting easy absorption and digestion and is an easy alternative for people who are prone to diarrhea, especially when implementing oils in the diet. In addition, since it’s easily digested by the body, it releases energy faster compared to the other products.

This product is manufactured at the GMP facility of the USA using a triple filter and low heat process. MCT is sourced from Malaysian coconuts with each batch of the formula tested for impurities and heavy metals.

The product is packed in a BFA-free plastic. It contains 44% C10 and 56% C8. Another benefit of this product is that it offers a good value for the price. It is recommended for those who have a limited budget.

Left Coast Performance MCT oil is manufactured at a family-based company which ensures that there are no third parties involved. Once again, like many others featured on this list, the MCT oil is available in a 32 oz. bottle.

The Good:
  • Keto and Paleo friendly
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Gluten free
  • Processed under GMP facility
  • Easy to digest and absorb
  • Good value for price
  • Satisfactory customer reviews
The Bad:
  • Not claims or organic or GMO

Price Available + More Customers Review Out Here

Now that you’ve educated yourself a bit on the varieties of MCT oils available on the market let’s cover some ‘oil-basics’ so that you really know what are you signing up for!

FAQ & Buying Guides:

Why Oil Is an Important Element in Our Diet?

You know that if there is a requirement of oil our body needs to be optimal, then you know it serves some purpose in its functioning. Daily servings of oil are recommended in any balanced diet. (11)

Oil helps us to absorb certain nutrients (especially vitamins like A, D, E, and K) and keeps the nervous system and the brain channel transmission clear and crackling. It improves our cognitive health and keeps us alert.

So before cutting down on oil drastically, We would suggest that you look into what is healthy and what is not. Always, make informed decisions!

What Goes Into Making the Highest Quality MCT Oils?

The key concern of any diet is the source of energy. With MCT oils, you can rest your worries.

MCT oils are saturated fatty acids which are converted to energy so quick that unlike other fats, it does not get deposited in your body. Also, the shorter the carbon chain can help keep the intestine or liver from overworking and help break down these medium chain triglycerides before they can be actively absorbed by the body and converted into clean energy. (12)

This feature makes them integral to the idea of maintaining ketosis in the body. Typically a lot of MCT products available come with an unwanted amount of water or other ingredients that may not be serving much of a purpose.

Depending on its manufacturing process, many MCT oils end up packing more than necessary lauric acid. Also, it comes cheap. But lauric acid or C12 is not that helpful in helping you achieving faster ketosis. So we advise you to read the label before making any purchase. If it’s not pure MCT oil…Run for the hills! (13)

Be careful and inspect the ingredients like you are being paid to find something wrong. Just pull up your science-socks and look for any use of ‘filler’ oils in the oil composition when you are buying your MCT oils. To control costs, manufacturers might use omega-6 polyunsaturated fats, which is healthy ‘duh’ and commonly used for people who have arthritis or diabetes.

How can you find pure MCT oil?

It’s true problem when looking for any dietary supplement. It’s hard to break free from the loop of marketing and find the best organic MCT oil. Common features to look for include gluten-free and GMO-free products, preferably approved for low carb, keto and vegan diets.

What Are The Best Sources of MCT Oils In Nature?

We already know about coconut and its super cool and amazingly beneficial components.

  • It contains around 60% MCT oils.
  • Palm kernel contains 50% MCT oils.
  • Dairy products contain 10-12% MCT oils.

Something to keep in mind when observing all of the above is coconut has a mix of medium-chain-triglycerides and long-chain-triglycerides making it not such a good contender if you are looking at MCT oils for weight loss. Also, as we have discussed the majority of MCT present in coconut is lauric acid, which is not as effective as others like caproic (C6), caprylic (C8) and capric (C10).

If you are sensitive about the environment, take a second to check up on the production process of palm oil before consumption. It is controversial as we know mindless farming can lead to deforestation, depletion of wildlife and disbalance in the Earth’s ecosystem. If you’re not sure on whether your diet products are harming the environment, then please do not consider encouraging the production of palm oil that has been manufactured in non-eco friendly ways.

The good news about the dairy-sourced of MCT oils is that it contains a high amount of Capra fatty acids and a low percentage of lauric acid. But then, of course, lactose intolerant people might face problems with this product.(14)

We mention the natural sources to show MCT oil is not synthetic. But to extract its real benefit consistently, more than natural sources are needed. We have to incorporate a steady composition of the oil with all the required components that will help with our health targets.

Finally, you are armed with the know-how of choosing the best MCT oil that is right for you. We’ve taken the time to list the best MCT oils here which are available right now in the market. When you the read their individual reviews, you will find all the information required to help you make the right decision.

Caution: Please start your MCT oil intake with a small dosage. The body takes time to switch to a new metabolism system, and if you put more pressure on this transition, you might suffer from some tummy troubles and annoying aches.

What are the Health Benefits Of MCT Oil?

MCT oils belong to a superior class of fatty acids that are essential for the body. By being absorbed and digested faster than the other fats, the components of MCT oil can be a great source of energy.

Once you get hang of the science and better learn how your diet works, you will also understand that the best MCT oil for weight loss is all about understanding your goals and the key benefits you expect to get from the product. Furthermore, MCT oils make you fill full and curbs binge-eating for good!

For fitness enthusiasts, athletes and bodybuilders seeking to maintain weight, the key is in the consumption of the right nutrition.  A key component of good health is the oil-based energy that is easily consumed by the body, which has more benefits for the immune system than any other energy source.

Contemporary diet advocates a natural resistance to fats. However, as long as the right type of fat is entering the body, it is both effective and considered a great required source of carbohydrates.

Also, MCTs have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities. It fights bad bacteria and while keeping the good ones intact.(15,16)

If you are concerned about the right quantity of MCT oil consumption, then start with half a teaspoon. Then you will gradually increase to a full tablespoon as your body starts to adjust and adapts to the implementation of OCT oils in your diet.


Conclusion: Which Mct Oil Brand Is The Best?

As a takeaway, MCT oils are a great addition to your dietary plan, especially when you struggle with weight management. While they may not magically reduce your weight, using MCT oil supports diet goals through its potential health benefits of implementation.

Depending on your health goals, MCT products can have a positive influence on your ketogenic lifestyle. The oils we have mentioned in our review are odorless and tasteless, which makes it easy to use with meals and beverages.

However, as the demand for the best MCT oil on the market grows, more and more brands enter the field. We believe that the above reviews of the top listed products can help you make an informed decision about your choices. Now fly and purchase the best MCT oil for your ketogenic lifestyle. Which MCT oils work best for you?

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    Read the label before making any choices. Then you decide.

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