July 30, 2020

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Finding the best exogenous ketones supplement can be quite a difficult task especially if you are weight conscious and desire the right ingredients for your body. Exogenous Ketones are one of the most popular products in the market especially for those who are following the ketogenic diet.

Exogenous Ketones are being utilized for weight lossfor diabetes and many other purposes. However, for all of you who are not aware of what exogenous ketones are, we have gathered related information that describes what exogenous ketones are and the purpose they serve.

We have done an extensive exogenous ketones research to enlighten newbies about the pros and cons of ketones and shortlisted the best-selling ketones being sold in the market.

Each of the supplements is designed to serve the same purpose. However, they may differ in terms of the availability of flavors and the elements that have been used to create them.

A common complaint of reviewers regarding the usage of supplements is mainly the price factor. They find these supplements to be expensive, but as far as the effectiveness is concerned users did acknowledge the improvement they felt in their overall health after using the product.

We have developed a concentrated list of the best exogenous ketone supplements on the market to help you select the best fit for you.

1. Perfect Keto (Our Choice)

Exogenous Ketone Base by Perfect Keto consists of high-quality BHBs that can allow you to enter the state of ketosis easily.

The benefits of consuming this keto supplement include a faster weight loss, improved focus, feeling energetic, and reduced inflammation. It can also help you to sustain higher energy levels for a longer period of time.

Perfect Keto is popular for the rich content of MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) it provides. Consumption of MCTs is particularly recommended for the beginners who are just starting out with their keto diet.

At this stage, it is common for keto dieters to experience difficulties in continuing with the low-carb, high-fat diet in the initial stages. Consuming Perfect Keto can support their efforts by stimulating the process of ketosis.

It is one of the best MCT Oils, which offers optimum concentrations of medium-chain triglycerides that can help you kick-start ketosis in a shorter duration.

However, though Perfect Keto is easy on the stomach and intestine and does not pose problems in the process of digestion compared to other MCT oils, it may still cause loose motions and digestive troubles possibly due to the higher concentration of MCTs in it.

You may experience increased frequency of stools due to the higher amount of fats in your keto diet. Since fats are hard for the intestine to digest, they often end up stimulating the motility of the intestine resulting in frequent bowel movements.

We have found out that this tendency related to the high-fat keto diet may become worse due to the consumption of Perfect Keto!

However, there are some huge benefits linked to the possibility of developing loose motions due to this supplement. Sounds strange? But this is a fact.

Based on our research, we have realized that the increased frequency of stools during your keto efforts indicates the diet is working and is aptly supported by Perfect Keto.

This means diarrhea, which is considered a common side effect of Perfect Keto, may actually be its way of kick starting ketosis so that you can achieve the desired results in a short duration.

Another advantage of using Perfect Keto is it has the potential to suppress your appetite. We all know how difficult it can be to control our food intake when we are trying to lose weight.

And when your diet does not have any carbs, the cravings for sugars may make you hungrier with a stronger desire to consume food.

Supplementing your keto diet with MCT oils like Perfect Keto may help you avoid this adverse effect of a keto diet.

The MCTs in this supplement would work by suppressing the appetite thus allowing you to reduce your food intake. This can lower your calorie consumption and thus, promote further weight loss.

The best thing about this keto supplement is it is free of any additives and contains no carbs. You can add it to water or any other liquid without the need to use a blender. For better results, it is advisable that you consume this supplement on an empty stomach.

Unlike most other supplements, it tastes good making it easier for you to actually enjoy it and make it a part of your keto diet.

Though Perfect keto is priced in a higher range, looking at the benefits, we agree that the price is justified. It can help you derive immense health benefits and improve your health considerably. Hence, investing in this product seems to be a wise choice. 


  • Tastes good
  • Supports ketosis
  • Promotes faster weight loss
  • Easier to ingest
  • Helps suppress appetite
  • Controls calorie intake
  • Mood-boosting supplement
  • Enhances memory and attention span


  • Initially, you might encounter headaches
  • May cause mild diarrhea
  • Small packaging (15 servings only)

Editor's Rating:

  • Quality:  9/10   
  • Value: 9/10     
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Our Thoughts: 

    Customers who have used this product have provided positive insights stating that they felt more energetic after using it. Most users are satisfied with the delicious taste and a higher mental clarity it provides. However, there are several reviews of customers requesting a bigger packaging.

    Overall, the benefits of using Perfect Keto seem to outweigh the drawbacks, which is one of the reasons why this supplement is so popular among keto dieters

    2. Pruvit Keto OS 

    The handy pouches in which Pruvit KETO OS is made available attracted our attention instantly. After having used several keto supplements, we are now aware of how difficult it can be for keto dieters to be consistent with the serving of the supplement they consume.

    So, we early liked it that Provit Keto OS comes in pouches each containing 1 serving. It can be highly convenient for you to just keep them in your pockets while going out so that you are ready to take it wherever you go.

    As far as its ingredients of the best exogenous ketones are concerned, we are impressed with the list of MCTs it provides though they are not in a higher amount as provided by Perfect Keto.

    The MCTS would support your weight loss efforts by stimulating fat burning rate and also improve your mental alertness and memory.

    However, this supplement does not provide some vital ingredients you would need while following a keto diet such as minerals. It may not help you avoid the symptoms of keto flu or electrolyte imbalance.


    • Convenient packaging
    • Low carb content
    • Stimulates ketosis
    • Improves mental alertness
    • Supports weight loss
    • Reasonably priced


    • Contains caffeine
    • Available in only one orange dream flavor

    Editor's Rating:

    • Quality:  8/10   
    • Value: 7.5/10     
    • Rating: 4.3/5

    Our Thoughts: 

    The convenience offered by this supplement in consuming it has made it popular among users. However, apart from the weight loss results, not many have mentioned it as having helped them to feel more energetic.

    3. Ketond

    Ketond, just as the name suggests, is one of the best exogenous ketones supplements that could help you reduce fats.

    It offers a good blend of exogenous ketones in the forms of BHBs that would help you lose weight by triggering fat burning rate.

    It is also designed to support your keto diet, as is evident from its ingredients list that shows it contains no carbs. It may also help to suppress your appetite and curb excess calorie intake.

    What is more interesting is Ketond is available in 9 different flavors. Given its reasonable price, we feel you can try it out to check if the favors suit your taste buds.


    • Contains no carbs
    • Low in calories
    • Provides a choice of 9 flavors
    • Supports fat burning
    • Promotes ketosis
    • Curbs appetite


    • Exaggerated weight loss claims
    • Most flavors are fake

    Editor's Rating:

    • Quality:  8/10   
    • Value: 7.5/10     
    • Rating: 4.3/5

    Our Thoughts:

    Customers have expressed satisfaction over the weight loss results they could achieve by using Ketond. However, in spite of offering 9 favors, this supplement falls short of satisfying taste buds.

    4. Kegenix

    What makes this supplement one of the best exogenous ketones you can take is its ability to help you enter the state of ketosis naturally. It can also boost your body’s metabolism thereby promoting a faster burning of fats.

    This can not just help you to lose weight but also allow you to feel more energetic.  The energy-boosting effect of this supplement could be attributed to the steady breakdown of fats supported by it.

    These fats are later converted into a usable source of energy. This ensures your body receives a continuous supply of energy throughout the day.

    This would prevent drowsiness, lack of mental clarity, weakness, and other symptoms that keto dieters commonly experience due to the lack of a readily available source of energy.

    This supplement is also designed to suppress your appetite thus making you feel hungry less often. The best exogenous ketones in this supplement would create a sense of fullness in your stomach thereby keeping you from eating high-calorie, junk foods at an impulse.

    This supplement is enriched with BHBs, which can stimulate ketosis by supplying exogenous ketones to your body. It can help you skip the long waiting period that your body has to bear with until it starts producing its own endogenous ketones.

    By supplying exogenous ketones to your body in the form of a supplement, you would be able to start noticing the benefits of the keto diet within a much shorter duration.

    The exogenous ketones in the forms of BHBs in this supplement would provide your body with a usable source of energy to help you feel fresh and energic all the time.

    Kegenix is priced reasonably. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly exogenous ketone supplement, you can definitely try it to help yourself attain your fitness goals.


    • Kickstarts ketosis in a shorter duration
    • Improves focus, memory, and alertness
    • Gives an energy boost
    • Stimulates weight loss
    • Contains natural coloring agents
    • Prevents weakness 
    • Available in 3 natural flavors


    • May cause drowsiness, nausea, and a jittery feeling
    • You may not like the flavors

    Editor's Rating:

    • Quality:  8/10   
    • Value: 7.5/10     
    • Rating: 4.3/5

    Our Thoughts: 

    Except for the taste that many users have not liked, Kegenix seems to have helped most keto dieters to lose weight. Many customers have expressed satisfaction with the weight loss results.

    5. Keto Fuel

    The primary ingredients of Keto Fuel are more of what you would expect from a balanced diet, though in a concentrated form.

    Keto Fuel is basically designed to provide you the nutrients your body need to functions optimally.

    The ingredients added to this supplement are chosen to promote the state of ketosis to help you lose weight faster and avoid the side effects of the keto diet including dehydration, weakness, and electrolyte imbalances.

    The best exogenous ketones supplement is enriched with ingredients such as Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, healthy fats, proteins, electrolytes like Sodium, Calcium, and Magnesium and Medium Chain Triglycerides.

    This means Keto Fuel is designed to help your body receive a readily available source of exogenous ketones that could support the fat burning processes. This can help you burn fats and lose weight faster.

    As you can see from the ingredient list, other the exogenous ketones in the forms of BHBs, this supplement also provides several essential vitamins and minerals.

    The perfect combination of BHBs and nutrients coupled with the lower cost makes Keto Fuel the best exogenous ketones you can have during your keto diet.


    • Promotes energy levels
    • Triggers ketosis quickly
    • Fights off the symptoms of keto flu
    • Burns fats faster
    • Stimulates weight loss
    • Decreases constipation, stomach upsets, and bloating
    • Regulates mood


    • May cause nausea
    • Does not mix with juices readily
    • Salty in taste

    Editor's Rating:

    • Quality:  8/10   
    • Value: 7.5/10     
    • Rating: 4.3/5

    Our Thoughts: 

    Customer reviews about the best exogenous ketones have been encouraging. Most users have expressed satisfaction about its energy boosting effect though some have mentioned they didn't like the salty taste.

    6. Keto Cana

    Keto Cana is one of the best exogenous ketones for the optimum content of BHBs and minerals in it. It is carefully formulated to help keto dieters avoid the side effects of a keto diet like weakness and electrolyte imbalances.

    It is the addition of calcium and sodium to these best exogenous ketones that makes Keto Cana an all-inclusive solution for keto dieters.

    Keto Cana has also been developed to provide you with a high level of energy so that you can follow the strict rules of the keto diet without much difficulties. 

    What more? This reasonably priced exogenous ketone supplement is also meant to help keto dieters lose weight by stimulating the state of ketosis.


    • Stimulates ketosis
    • Supports healthy weight loss
    • Prevents weakness and lethargy
    • Improves focus and memory
    • Strengthens bones
    • Lactose-free and Gluten free
    • Does not contain animal by-products
    • Keto and Paleo Friendly
    • Contains no artificial flavorings, preservatives, or colors


    • You may not like the taste
    • May cause mild stomach pain and digestive distress

    Editor's Rating:

    • Quality:  8/10   
    • Value: 7.5/10     
    • Rating: 4.3/5

    Our Thoughts:

    Many users have complained about the excessively salty taste of this supplement. However, Users have also mentioned that Keto Cana helped them lose weight easily and reduced exogenous ketones side effects such as weakness and drowsiness.

    7. Approved Science Keto

    The list of ingredients of Approved Science Keto itself was enough to hold our attention. We found out that it offers a good combination of compounds that could support a keto diet including exogenous BHB ketones, MCT oils, and Bioperine.

    What makes Approved Science Keto one of the best exogenous ketones is it provides four different forms of BHB ketones, including Potassium BHB, Sodium BHB, Magnesium BHB, and Calcium BHB

    The fact that really impressed us about the best exogenous ketones is the amount of BHBs in it was 2000 mg, which is much higher than what most other keto supplements contain. This would surely help you get into ketosis faster and stimulate weight loss.

    Priced in a comfortably lower range, Approved Science Keto could be the keto supplement you are looking for.


    • Contains 4 forms of BHBs in a higher amount
    • Regulates blood sugar levels
    • Provides electrolytes
    • Soothes digestive disturbances
    • Reduces hunger
    • Improves cognitive functions
    • Stores longer lasting energy
    • Promotes the bioavailability of nutrients
    • Enhances physical performance
    • Reduces weakness


    • May cause mild headaches and nausea

    Editor's Rating:

    • Quality:  8/10   
    • Value: 7.5/10     
    • Rating: 4.3/5

    Our Thoughts:

    Most users who have tried this supplement have revealed it helped them lose weight and feel energetic. It improved their physical and mental performance considerably. Some users have mentioned it caused severe headache and nausea.

    8. HVMN Ketone

    HVMN Ketone is designed to enable you to enter the state of ketosis in a shorter duration. And after assessing the effectiveness of this supplement, we realized it does kickstart ketosis effectively, though not quite rapidly.

    Yet, it is one of the best exogenous ketones you can try for the number of benefits it would offer.

    The feature we liked about the best exogenous ketones is it is the only keto supplement containing ΔG ketone ester. It has been scientifically proven to produce higher levels of blood BHB ketones without any negative performance or digestion effects of salt.

    It is also salt-free, sugar-free and stimulant-free.

    It is formulated to help you improve your physical performance, cognitive abilities, and recovery speed after endurance exercises lasting more than an hour.

    Another remarkable benefit of this supplement we appreciate is its ability to control appetite.

    As far as the taste of this supplement is concerned, we are not too happy. Not that it tastes very bad; but it's just not something we could relish.

    We feel you can try HVMN Ketone for the immense benefits it provides, especially related to ketosis, appetite suppression, and energy boost at a reasonable price. HVMN Ketone is priced in a lower range making it a cost-effective option you can try.


    • Stimulates ketosis faster
    • Instant energy booster
    • Improves blood flow
    • Provides vitamin and minerals
    • Comes in 2 different flavors
    • Reduces appetite


    • The taste may not be liked by all
    • May cause nausea

    Editor's Rating:

    • Quality:  8/10   
    • Value: 7.5/10     
    • Rating: 4.3/5

    Our Thoughts:

    Most customers have affirmed the ketosis-stimulating benefits of this product. They have mentioned they are satisfied with how fast it helped them get into ketosis and also controlled their appetite. As expected, most users have disliked the flavors of HVMN Ketone.

    9. KetoFire

    Very few best exogenous ketones are available in the forms of capsules and KetoFire is one of them. These capsules are convenient to take which is why many keto dieters favor them.  The only dampening here is you need to take 6 capsules per serving.

    What sets the best exogenous ketones supplement apart from other products is its remarkable ingredient list of BHBs and MCTS.

    It seems the manufacturers had another purpose in mind while formulating this Supplement. They want you to enter into ketosis faster while also making sure you can exercise strenuously without any injuries interfering with your workhour routine.

    It is enriched with BHBs in the forms of salts of sodium, calcium, and magnesium making it an effective supplement to kickstart ketosis and avoid electrolyte imbalance.

    Another ingredient in KetoFire that caught our attention was caffeine. Some of you may not prefer to use a caffeinated supplement as it comes with its own drawbacks like affecting your sleep.

    However, if you are a regular at the gym, the caffeine content may help to improve your physical performance by acting as a stimulant.

    However, we must admit that, compared to other exogenous ketone supplements, KetoFire is a bit expensive. You may opt for it if you are particularly looking for the stimulant properties of caffeine.


    • Includes digestion-supporting enzymes
    • Provides higher mental energy
    • Provides BHBs as well as MCT
    • Stimulus brain functions
    • Improves mental alertness
    • Easy to adjust the dose


    • Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians
    • You need to swallow 6 capsules for each serving

    Editor's Rating:

    • Quality:  8/10   
    • Value: 7.5/10     
    • Rating: 4.3/5

    Our Thoughts:

    Customers who have used KetoFire have praised it for its ketosis-stimulating effect and stated that this supplement does actually increase the blood ketone levels in a much shorter duration. They have also mentioned it helped them avoid excessive food intake and improved their exercise performance.

    10. Ignite Keto

    Ignite Keto is one of the most popular exogenous ketones supplements. What drew our attention to Ignite Keto is the perfect combination of BHBs it offers.

    Just like most other exogenous ketone supplements, it has BHBs as one of its primary ingredients. Each serving of Ignite Keto contains an exceptionally higher amount of BHBs, which are in the forms of salts of calcium, magnesium, and sodium.

    This means, by using Ignite Keto, you would be able to enjoy the benefits of BHBs along with minerals.

    Each serving of this supplement provides 12 grams of BHBs and 27 calories. The higher amount of BHBs in Keto Ignite would ensure your body receives an adequate supply of best exogenous ketones to meet its energy requirements.

    This would help you avoid weakness, drowsiness, loss of memory, and reduced attention span that commonly occur due to the lower intake of carbohydrates.

    At the same time, these BHBs would allow you to perform strenuous physical activities when you hit the gym thus ensuring your body can burn calories faster and more easily. This would not just help you to build muscles but also promote a healthy weight loss.

    Talking about minerals attached to BHBs, we feel manufacturers of Ignite Keto have taken efforts to help you avoid electrolyte imbalance during a keto diet.

    When you start a keto diet, your body undergoes a number of changes due to the altered metabolic processes. As a result, the risk of electrolyte imbalances may increase due to which you are likely to develop cramps, muscles spasms, and even loss of consciousness.

    The use of Ignite Keto may help you to avoid these symptoms by providing your body the electrolytes in the forms of minerals.

    Another feature of Ignite Keto we loved was it is daily free and gluten free. It contains zero carbs making it a perfect supplement to use during your keto diet.

    Ignite Keto is reasonably priced compared to most other best exogenous ketones. So, we feel if you are particularly looking for a keto supplement that could allow you to exercise regularly while maintaining electrolyte balance, you may try Ignite Keto.


    • Provides BHBs
    • Reduces fatigue, muscle cramps, and spasms
    • Stimulates ketosis
    • Instant energy booster
    • Aids in weight loss
    • Does not contain carbs
    • Gluten free and dairy free
    • Helps improve blood ketone levels


    • May cause stomach upsets

    Editor's Rating:

    • Quality:  8/10   
    • Value: 7.5/10     
    • Rating: 4.3/5

    Our Thoughts:

    Customer reviews have indicated that this supplement actually does wonders to your keto diet and is effective for improving physical stamina and mental health. Users have revealed it helped them to improve their physical and mental performance by allowing them to feel energetic and alert. 

    10. Keto Drive

    Keto Drive is one of the best exogenous ketones that could serve as an energy booster and help you perform high-intensity exercises with ease.

    It includes a well-formulated content of BHB salts that could stimulate the state of ketosis. Also, it contains no carbs, fats, and cholesterol.

    Keto Drive has been formulated by ZHOU Nutrition with the intention to provide you the benefits of entering the state of ketosis. It provided readily available exogenous ketones to your body.

    The manufacturers claim that this best exogenous ketones supplement could enhance the results of your keto diet without having to restrict yourself to strict dietary habits simply by supplying BHBs to your body.

    This supplement is designed to trick your body into mimicking the ketosis state so that it could start burning fats in a shorter period of time of taking its doses.

    However, though it is one of the most effective and best exogenous ketones, it is priced in a higher range.


    • Increases energy levels
    • Supports fat loss
    • Boosts the nutritional supply by providing vitamin A and C
    • Improves mental performance
    • Provides minerals like magnesium, calcium, and sodium
    • Promotes endurance and stamina
    • Contains no carbs
    • Available in 3 flavors with an option of a decaffeinated version


    • May cause intestinal discomfort
    • Priced higher

    Editor's Rating:

    • Quality:  8/10   
    • Value: 7.5/10     
    • Rating: 4.3/5

    Our Thoughts:

    Some users have mentioned this supplement helped them lose several pounds within just a month while some have expressed dissatisfaction over the slow effect. There are a few reviews in which customers have mentioned this supplement caused a few side effects such as nausea and stomach pain.

    11. Kiss My Keto

    Kiss My Keto has become quite popular among keto dieters as one of the best exogenous ketones for the faster results it could provide.

    It is designed to support ketosis by providing your body with readily available ketones in the forms of BHBs.

    It may also help with blood sugar control and prevent jittery feeling to some extent by inhibiting fluctuations in the blood glucose levels.

    It would also provide an instant energy boost and enhance your exercise performance. However, looking at the price, we feel all these benefits do come at a bit higher cost.


    • Available in mixed berry and lemon-lime flavors
    • Reduces brain fog
    • May support cheat days


    • Comparatively expensive

    Editor's Rating:

    • Quality:  8/10   
    • Value: 7.5/10     
    • Rating: 4.3/5

    Our Thoughts:

    Though customers have appreciated the energy-boosting effect of this supplement they have mentioned it may not be worth the higher price.

    12. Instaketones

    Enriched with BHBs, and an Amino Acid Blend of L-Leucine, L-Tyrosine, and L-Taurine, Instaketones caught our attention instantly.

    Julian Bakery Instaketones may produce a favorable effect on the way your body stimulates ketosis. It contains a higher amount of beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) that would enable you to enter into ketosis faster.

    Instaketones may also allow you to avoid the side effects of a keto diet like weakness and fatigue, thanks again to the BHBs present in it. BHBs would be utilized by your body to improve the energy levels thus reducing fatigue and exhaustion.

    Julian Bakery Instaketones is also designed to improve your memory, focus, and attention span.

    It would provide a good source of amino acids that could boost the acuity of the brain functions by serving as a fuel source. 

    Organic Caffeine present it would also stimulate your senses and help you feel more alert and focused.

    However, if you are particular about the flavors or taste of the supplement you use; then, Instaketones may disappoint you as it cannot be specially called flavorful or tasty.

    But, the lower price of this best exogenous ketones may help to compensate for the lack of tastes to some extent.


    • Boosts energy levels
    • Ensures sustainable fat loss
    • Suppresses appetite
    • Reduces muscle aches
    • Increases endurance and stamina during workouts
    • Induces deeper sleep
    • Improves brain function like focus and attention span


    • Difficult to mix in drinks
    • May cause stomach cramps, mild, nausea, and loose motions

    Editor's Rating:

    • Quality: 8/10        
    • Value: 9/10        
    • Rating: 4.2/5

    Our Thoughts:

    Overall customer reviews about this supplement have been positive. Most keto dieters have used it to feel fresh and energetic all day long. It is the unpleasant taste of this supplement that most users have disliked strongly.

    FAQs and Buyer’s Guides

    Some of you may have a few queries about what makes any supplement superior to other best exogenous ketones. You must also be eager to find out how to enhance the results with your keto diet.

    If yes, read this section to carefully to elevate your knowledge about best exogenous ketones and the tips to get better results while using them.

    What Are Exogenous Ketones Supplements?

    To explain in simple, words, exogenous ketone supplements support the process of ketosis.

    Ketosis refers to the metabolic state in which the human body makes use of ketones for its energy requirement instead of glucose.

    This can happen only when your body is low on glucose due to which it is forced to rely on the already stored fats in the body as a source of energy. When the stored fat start to break down further, it gives birth to the by-products, which are called ketones.

    These ketones could further be divided into 3 different forms that are collectively called the exogenous ketones.

    How Do Exogenous Ketone Supplements Support A Keto Diet?

    Just like we use supplements to manage the deficiencies, these exogenous ketone supplements are created to help you avoid the deficiency of fuel in your body.

    However, unlike most other supplements that provide exactly what is lacking in your body, the exogenous ketone supplements provide an alternative to what is missing.

    Let us explain this further:

    Your physician may ask you to use iron supplements if you suffer from iron deficiency anemia or calcium supplements if you suffer from weak bones and teeth due to the lack of calcium.

    So, you are advised to take supplements for what is lacking in your body.

    But, this is not the case with exogenous ketone supplements. The deficiency you may experience while following a keto diet is of energy due to the lack of carbohydrate intake.

    Exogenous ketone supplements do not contain carbohydrate to correct this deficiency. Instead, they offer an alternative source of fuel in the form of exogenous ketones.

    These supplements are based on the facts related to the physiological processes in your body. A human body uses carbs as its primary source of fuel until they are available. Your body can burn fats only when it doesn't find any carbs to use.

    So, when you are on a keto diet and stop eating carbs, your body becomes deficient in its primary source of fuel.

    At this step, instead of supplying your body with carbs, exogenous ketone supplements provide it with a readily available alternative source of fuel that is derived from fats.

    This ensures your body can switch from using carbs to using fats in a shorter duration of time after you have stopped eating carbohydrates. This is a simpler way to trick your body into using fats so that you can lose weight easily.

    Once you start using these exogenous ketone supplements, your body would be able to start using these ketones to meet its energy requirement. And once your body learns to do this, it wouldn’t take much time to start burning stored fats in your body as well.

    These body fats undergo normal metabolic processes so that they are converted into ketones that can be used as an alternative source of fuel.

    This is how the keto diet works and helps you to burn fats and lose weight. The faster your body starts burning fats to produce ketones, the shorter time it would take to enter into the state of ketosis.

    BHB is a form of best exogenous ketones that is effective in stimulating the state of ketosis. BHBs in exogenous ketones have the potential to provide your body with a readily available source of energy thereby keeping you fresh and alert all the time while allowing you to lose weight.

    How to select the best exogenous ketones?

    The idea is to have the right mix of ingredients that can support ketosis while minimizing the side effects of a keto diet. This is what makes Perfect Keto superior to most other supplements. It provides MCTs that would help you get better results by supporting the process of ketosis.

    MCTs, just like BHBs, can support your keto efforts by providing your body with a readily available source of energy and stimulating ketosis.

    A supplement containing BHBs in the forms of salts of minerals are also preferred as they can help you avoid extreme weakness, lethargy and headaches linked to electrolyte imbalance.

    At the same time, you can not overlook the importance of other seemingly less important ingredients like fibers, especially if you are suffering from constipation, indigestion, or other digestive symptoms.

    Should I opt for keto supplements containing caffeine?

    The choice is yours. Caffeine is not as bad as it is commonly believed to be. If you need an extra boost to support your mental and physical performance, you may opt for best exogenous ketones containing caffeine.

    However, do not forget that excessive intake of caffeine can affect your sleep pattern. So, if you are using a supplement containing caffeine, avoid taking it before bedtime.

    Why do some exogenous ketone supplements contain carbohydrates?

    Your concerns are valid. Ideally, a keto supplement should support the rules of a keto diet and hence, should not contain any carbs.

    However, there are some keto supplements that are specifically meant to be taken before workout sessions. These supplements are formulated to help people lose weight by coupling their keto efforts with regular exercises.

    Hence, to help these keto dieters with a readily available source of energy, some keto supplements have been added with a small amount of carbs.

    The advantage of using these best exogenous ketones is it may speed up the weight loss results by allowing you to work out more strenuously thereby burning more calories. However, if you are not sure of hitting the gym regularly, it would be a good idea to skip such supplements.

    Our Final Thoughts

    Overall, after familiarizing you with the best exogenous ketone supplements, we hope you will be able to find the right one that suits your requirements after checking the pros and cons of each.

    Each of the products listed above has its own benefits and depending on your needs, you can select the one that fits your budget.

    As compared to the high-carb diets, which are known to impact our body and health in a negative manner, the exogenous ketone supplements would actually contribute to your overall health by supporting your keto diet and allow you to lose weight.

    Among these best exogenous ketone supplements, we found Perfect Keto to be far superior. The perfect combination of MCTs in this supplement would kickstart ketosis faster and help you achieve your weight loss target in a much shorter duration.

    You can also try other exogenous ketone supplements depending on your specific needs and preferences.

    Based on the particular health issues you may be suffering from like hypertension or severe electrolyte imbalance, you may switch to using a supplement that contains ingredients needed to control your symptoms.

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